Mostly I am a writer but many of the places that I go can be difficult to arrange for two so I do most of my own photography as well.

I have written several books in the course of my over 30-year- journey through river routes and deep sea waters in Canada and around the world.

Here are a few of my favorite photographs taken in several countries, and showing the spectacular relationship between boat and sea. 

I write about and take pictures of boats powered by Cummins fuel engines. I have accumulated close to a thousand Cummins hotips! 

Enjoying the sea and boats

Growing up on Vancouver Island in the 1950s, I learned to swim and canoe among the salmon on the Campbell River. In the ‘ 60s, I went down the river to the sea where I worked on commercial fishing boats and coastal freighters. In the ’70s I went to the upper reaches of the British Columbia’s greatest river, the Fraser, to teach and learn with the Chilcotin and Shuswap First Nations.