Cross-River Ferry for Kuching, Sarawak
Hotips#868 So many cities are built on rivers for obvious reasons of transport up and down […]
Paraguay Ferry
Cummins Hotips#867 One of the most accepted ways to deal with climate change issues is to […]
Cummins Hotips#866 With a rugged coastline and many fjords to cross, Norway has become a world […]
Starboard Bow
Cummins Hotips#865 The Zhoushan Islands are just off shore of east China’s Zhejiang province, and lie […]
Big beam for lots of traps.
Cummins Hotips#864 When Steve Corkum Jr. of Yarmouth Sea Products couldn’t find a yard prepared to […]
Polish multi-purpose ship. two built
Cummins Hotips#863        August 2019 Poland’s impressive history in maritime research will continue to grow with the […]
GOUWE (© Arie Boer)
Cummins Hotips#862     August 2019 There is something special about workboats in the 20-meter range. Their size […]
Argentine Fleet
Cummins Hotips#861 Iguazú Jungle is a company providing tourist’s excursions on Argentina’s Iguazú River.  In total, […]
profile Barge
Cummins Hotips#860   July 2019 When it comes to selecting a design for a new series of […]
Cummins Hotips#859 Peregrine Falcon boat builders, of Eagle River near Anchorage Alaska, have a history of […]