From the Bering to the Baja

On this page I will post boats that home-port or fish off the coast of California. You are welcome to send additional photos or comments on any of these boats to me, . Please include photo credits on your own photos or those that you have permission to post.

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  1. My Son in Law owns a boat that he fishes out of Crescent City, CA. I wonder how I can follow what’s going on with their closures and openings. Is there a website specifically for that area?
    I enjoyed your site very much. I just never find much information on Northern CA.

    • alanhaigbrown says:

      Hi Laura: Yes, it would be nice to have more from Northern California. Maybe you could ask your son-in-law to send along some photos.
      Does the California Dept of Fiah and Game have a commercial fisheries page like they do in Alaska?

  2. Dan Smith says:

    looking for ex bc seine boat Bessie Mac we sold it to California years back

    • Keith Hennessy says:

      Dan, unfortunately Bessie Mac was cut up in Moss Landing C.A. about ten years ago. The harbor there would not sell it to my friends and I . They insisted it was a hazard and had to be dismantled.

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