Canadian Gillnetters

From the Bering to the Baja

There are a lot of these boats and there were more in the past. I think this page should have a range of boats and I will try to group them by builders such as Barry Farrel or Kishi. If you know any of the builders please add that or send pics of boats by other builders. I would love to get some good shots of those Steveston-built dream boats from the 1960s.

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  1. Dave Scoular says:

    Hi Alan The Ocean Retreat hull i heard was called a gulf commander built by valley fiber glass. The boat was finished in pender harbour by Don Penson

  2. Harold Wulff says:

    Miss Nikko 87 is indeed a Shore boat.The Malie III was built by Raider Aluminum in the eighties and widened by the current owner recently.The Quick Silver is a Carlson hull,deck and wheelhouse kit fitted out by the current owner.

  3. I have a friend of mine looking for a gill-netter Leona “H”.
    As for me I am looking for a nice picture of Kinkasan as a table seiner.Thank you for your time and space.

  4. Look for a gillnetter Leona “H” for my friend and also a table seiner of Kinkasa.Thank you.

  5. Fred Anhorn says:

    I think the gillnetters are getting a bad representation here. 🙂 From my page above there is a section half way down that lists both trollers and quite a few gillnetter’s In photos

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