From the Bering to the Baja

On this page I will post photos of boats that home port or fish off the coast of Oregon. Your comments to fill in ownership or history of boats shown here are most welcome. If you know about a boat that should be included here please send me a photo with a bit of info. Send only low resolution images that you own or have permission to publish and I will include the photographer’s credit. Send to: alan@haig-brown.com

Most of this group moor just inside the Coos Bay Bar at Charleston Oregon.

This batch are from the mouth of the Columbia River at Astoria and Warrenton Oregon.

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  1. Ed Brooks says:

    My name is Ed Brooks. My brother is Bill Brooks. He fished out of coos bay and charleston for years. The Edgar A was one of his boats. The reason I am contacting you is; I am a song writer out of Nashville Tn. Many years ago, maybe late 80″s early 90’s I was visiting Bill. While I was there for just a few days, I gathered stories from the real deal fisherman and went home to nashville and wrote many songs. One of them is for The Gloria L. and Her captain that was lost. I just found this cassette today and would appreciate any contact info for the family of “Otto, or Oscar” the man that was lost. I want his family to hear this song. Thank you so much, Ed

    • knute nemeth says:

      Ed…longtime no hear…..I think Pogo bought the Edgar A….. love your fishing songs…. gotta stay and
      make it pay, cut fish both night and day………knute

  2. jack johnson says:

    Interested in know the the where a bouts of the Geneva, Coos Bay, Or. Thank you,

  3. deko says:

    Beautiful site. Much appreciated.

  4. Nice Site, saw a couple of uncles built boats,George Jacobsen.
    My Grandfather Arthur Jacobsen and my Father Donald A Jacobsen Sr built mostly trollers and a few Cruisers. I built
    3 gillnet boats, 4 partial (hulls) and one ski boat for my kids.
    The Boat Shop sold so I went to work doing construction
    work as a project manager. like finding sites like yours.

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