Sandrea V

From the Bering to the Baja

Sandrea V

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  1. RW says:

    I fished on this boat in the summer of 1987…. The only summer I commercial fished. As tough as it was being a 17 year old doing this for the first time, it’s become one of my fondest memories or my teen years. Was owned by Jerry Wettlaufer at the time.

    • Jennifet says:

      Jerry wettlaufer was my grandpa and he died on that boat…in my arms in middle of queen charlotte straights…its been 17 years since i fished Sandrea-v and breaks my heart that my children will never expĂ©rience that life

  2. sandy wettlaufer says:

    I fish on sandrea v for twenty year with my dad and my daughter fish with grandpa until he pass away ln July of 1999

  3. Allen Gurney says:

    I worked on her in the 90-20 rebuilt a lot best bunk ever

  4. Allen Gurney says:

    Mike and myself rewired boat changed stern fished lots of tuna what good time we had (deckhand Allen Gurney of Penticton B.C)

  5. Allen Gurney says:

    mike and i rebuilt this boat what a wonder job

  6. Allen Gurney says:

    we found some wonderful stuff only a fisherman wants

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